Identifying Jasco switches

I’m trying to put together a spreadsheet showing me what type of switches I have installed in what locations. The issue I’m running into is that the SmartThings IDE displays a product and a model, but not the actual model number Jasco uses. For example, I have lots of 14294 dimmers which I believe SmartThings lists as product Product 4944, Model 3038. Is there a chart somewhere that anyone has found to match all the different switches up?

Here’s what I have so far. Product/Model/Ver.
4944/3033/3.36 - 12729
4944/3038/5.26, 5.29 - GE 14294
4944/3131/5.22 - GE 14287
4944/3131/5.23 - Honeywell 39358 (Same as GE 14287)
4952/3032/3.29 - 12722 (Strange because I only ever ordered 14291 from Amazon)
4952/3036/5.20, 5.22 - GE 14291

Edited to add firmware versions for each

Edited to add updates as found in Zwave Alliance Catalog, Thanks JD


Those values come from the official Z wave alliance database when the device is approved. So you need to look them up there. They are not necessarily going to be the same as the model numbers when the device is sold at retail See the following post for an explanation of how smartthings displays them.

Note this:

All values except versions are hexidecimal strings

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I did look in the Alliance Database, but I don’t think I drilled down far enough. Digging more now.

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Thanks JD, I figured out how to use the Alliance Catalog and got what I needed. A little irritated that one of the “14291” switches I bought on Amazon was actually a “12722”.

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I did find something interesting. One of the switches I got for my pool pump shows 4F44/3031 in SmartThings. According to ZWave Alliance…

4F44/3032 is a 14285
0004/3031 is a 12726

No mention of a 4F44/3031

Given that the 14285 was certified in May and I bought mine in Feb, I’m pretty certain it’s a 12726.

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It’s also like any big database, sometimes there are just typos or other mistakes.

4F44/3031 should be the GE outdoor switch, 12726.

Anyway you could share the list you create?

Coincidentally I was thinking I needed to do a GE zwave switch inventory and got confused as to which switch were which.

The list at the top is all the switches I have. I wasn’t planning on documenting any that I don’t have.

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Z-Wave Alliance’s Product pages are a good place to sort out all the fine details but even that can be wrong.

I can verify 12726 is in fact 4F44/3031 (even though the products page says otherwise) and 14285 is 4F44/3032.

Let me know if you have any other Jasco/GE identifier questions.