Jasco 46203 Dimmer - Manual Control Stopped Working

This z wave dimmer switch was working, then suddenly stopped. It’s a few months old. I can still control it with the smartthings app. The little LED on it still glows. But I cannot control it manually at the switch. I cannot exclude and re-include. Likewise, I cannot manually factory rest with the paddle pressing pattern.

Anyone know a way to fix this?

You’ll have to wait until Monday, but Contact Jasco support, they should be able to help.

Try flipping the breaker off and back on (give it about 60 seconds off). That should to ‘reboot’ it.

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It will, but that will affect only network functions. It should not affect the switch controlling the circuit manually, which should work even if the hub were off-line.

If physically pressing the switch doesn’t turn the circuit on/off, it’s either a wiring issue or a defect in the switch. either of which Jasco should be able to diagnose and help with.

Thanks, this fixed it! Quite curious.

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Yeah, while these switches have physical access, it isn’t like a traditional physical SPDT ‘switch’ rather it’s a couple of small buttons on the ic board where when a button is depressedthat is then received by the electronics and the electronics in turn tell it to do something. I’ve had the network stop responding as well as only local control stop responding. Usually a breaker flip is enough to reset it. I haven’t yet had one go completely dead yet though I did have one that was fully DOA right after install.