GE Jasco Z-Wave Outdoor Smart Switches all offline

Anyone else having issues with their GE Jasco outdoor modules? I have 4 of these plugin modules and all of them are showing offline but I can control them on and off. The status doesn’t update in the app or in IDE. It is useless in automation where switch state is needed!

Mine are working fine. :slight_smile:

Interesting. Do you happen to know what device type is assigned to it? Mine just uses the generic z-wave switch.

same - z-wave switch dth

I have 1 and it’s fine. I just went and toggled it manually with the button and it updated in the ST app within a few seconds. It’s using the Z-Wave Switch DTH…

Something strange is going on with mine (all of them). I will have to do some investigation with support (maybe). Turning it on/off from the device doesn’t register at all. I’ve done zwave repairs with no positive result, they’re all in use indoors.

Something got knocked loose somewhere in the ST cloud and straightened out problem, my GE outdoor smart switches (3 of them) started suddenly started reporting status starting July 7th. They are now controllable and status synced with the ST app.

I had previously requested assistance from support and was given the started pair/unpair with no good result.

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