Laggy weekend

Not sure what’s going on this weekend. Everything is extremely slow… Is it just me or you guys facing the same issue? Slow dashboard, things… Not all philips hue lights turning off, motion sensors slow… Everything has been fine since the last outage. :frowning: Internet is blazing fast.

Several app crashes too on iOS 8. Reports were sent too…

It’s not just you. Triggers are missed or fire several seconds later. It’s funny/sad watching my front “security” lights come on several seconds after folks walk by. When this happened last weekend I sent a request to support and they confirmed the issue. A “Delayed Device Reports and SmartApp Processing” update also went out sometime later that day.

Yes, I submitted a support ticket around 4:30 pm. I was trying to reinstall 2 sensors that I had removed, and the app wasn’t finding them. But otherwise schedules seem to working OK.

*to be working OK. Better than my typing.

Now my motion sensor driven light is not going off which is set to go off 5 minutes after motion. I trying my best to be patient.

What type of outlet is the light plugged into (or is it switch driven?)?

PS, anyone else having a problem with the Hue app? It crashes when I try to add a photo for a scene. I wonder if these are both iOS 8.0.2 related?

GE light/appliance module… It is working now but extremely slow this evening. The motion sensor is ST. Never had issues with this one. It’s taking ages for the dashboard to come up and connecting to the cloud. Several app crashes when trying to and it did send the crash reports. Some message like connection failed too which I have never seen before. Please don’t get me wrong, I love ST and want the best for it. But lately I guess most of us are facing some issues. I am sure you guys are doing your best. All my devices are philips hue, lightstrips, ge, aeon labs smart switches, ST motion sensors and nothing out of ordinary. All simple setup.

And regarding philips hues (8 of them), I did install iOS 8.02 yesterday. :frowning:

Another st app crash right now while bringing up dashboard which prompted me to check internet connection which Is fine and blazing fast…

I guess they are working on it.

Now I don’t have to worry about tripping when I go into the kitchen for the last beer and the lights are slow :slight_smile:

It’s reporting resolved; which my ‘last beer test’ as well as motion lights out front seem to agree. FWIW I’m a big ST fan so I did not intend to sound as if I was bashing them or anything.