It's all falling apart!

The issues with my ST setup are mounting every day.

I’ve got numerous automations that just don’t run (x minutes after sunset, when things quite down, etc)
I’ve got devices that show the wrong status - ie, off when an automation/smartapp actually turned it on and vice versa.
Devices with no recent activity, despite there being lots
Devices that intermittently respond but at other times just don’t
Devices that wont turn off via an automation but will if manually turned off via its device icon.

I’ve done multiple z-wave repairs to no avail

A re-install isn’t appealing, I have 80+ devices (mostly Fibaro modules). I’ve used Vera, Fibaro (and to a lesser degree) Homey controllers in the past and if ST did what it was meant to do it’d beat all of them hands down.

Is there any sort of debug information I can get to besides the basic logs?

Have other people had (and resolved?) similar issues? Any advice very much appreciated.

  1. Debug one issue at a time. Pick something like an automation that continously runs late.

  2. Open a ticket at:

  3. Open a Topic for that one problem.

  4. Explore the IDE website extensively. There are a lot of Event logs, State values, schedule tables, etc.

  5. Repeat for next problem.


@tgauchat is absolutely correct. Peel out specific issues and contact support about them individually.

This may not help, but it will certainly shed some light for you. I will say that I firmly believe that ST has a broken Z-wave implementation. I’ve been posting about it here for over a year in addition to working with support. I do believe that after all this time they are finally taking a real run at getting it fixed, but I don’t think it’s going to be a fast process.

Failed automations and incorrect device status are symptoms of device communication errors. Take a look at the devices associated with your automations that are failing, or devices that don’t respond to local control without a few attempts. Are they largely Z-wave devices? My guess is that they are because I’m experiencing the same.

The problem seems to intensify proportionately to the number of Z-wave devices on the network.


Yes! I have the same problems and they are really getting old.

Thanks. Yes - they are largely (if not all) Z-wave devices.

Thanks for the suggestion of trying to address one issue at a time with support. It’s obvious really but sometimes we all need the obvious pointing out to us! I’ll give it go.

Looks like contacting support is a dead-end. I’m told that my Fibaro Relay Switches (of which I have dozens) are “not officially supported” : /

Well… Isolate your “supportable” problems first (i.e., SmartThings certified Z-Wave devices in your mesh?); then come back to the Community and you’ll find a few experts for the Fibaro Relays!

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