Time for our ST weekly mental breakdown?

Let’s see who the lucky winner is this week.
No app control of Zwave devices
No control of LAN devices like Hue, Samsung cameras or speakers.
Who will be the next lucky contestant of today’s FU from ST?


Please open a support ticket when you are seeing issues like this.


Sorry @jody.albritton , but I’ve given up on contacting support. Much better and more cordial response in forum and Facebook.
When I broke my rule and reported the device health issue earlier I fought for a week with support telling me that it was my WiFi causing the device health problem.
I made a passing comment in forum and it was fixed within 24 hours. I reported to support that it was fixed and was told it was not fixed. The issue I reported of device health being incorrect was not the platform issue with device health being reported incorrectly.

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While some of us are on the community, it can at times be like yelling into the void. Reported issues is what will drive resources and how much pressure is applied to a particular issue. If it’s not measured it won’t be addressed.


The ones that actually know what to do , and can recognize the issues are the ones periodically in the community.
The ones that answer the phone or emails are in my experience reading from a first contact script and assume everyone is an idiot and it is never an actual issue.

I am constantly telling people to report things to support. However whenever I do I rarely actually get any response or results.
Maybe if lower level could recognize an issue and send it up the ladder when first reported instead of just assuming that everything is operator error, things would be addressed before becoming platform wide issues.

It may take a few days for someone to see a post ,but it will usually yield better results than repeatedly being asked what color the lights are on my hub or if I tried popping the battery on 100 devices, if so was the LED green?

Well Hue are working again. Now all my night mode only SmartLighting events are running in the middle of the day.
Always an adventure. :rofl:

When have you last worked for a large corporation? “Sending things up the ladder” is a great quickest way to have that ladder pulled out from under you. Certainly not the goal of any staff that wants to climb it.


I did have a face-palm moment when support told me it’s not recommended to do a Z-Wave repair if you have more than 30 Z-Wave devices. Not sure what other easy way to repair my Z-Wave mesh. Most of my experiences were very good with them but just a few just made me laugh :grin:

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Maybe the ST support number should say “if you are a power user press 1, if you are part of the 99.9% of people that will never install a custom DTH press 2”.

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Indeed; since that button would just disconnect the line immediately, it would free up the phone system and support staff for the 99.9% of callers. :speak_no_evil:


Hey, I know that support person. I’ve dealt with them a few times. " Having more than 30 devices, you should just expect things to not work" . I actually forwarded one of our conversation " up the ladder" once in disgust.

I hear ya on the support issues. In the 3 years I’ve been with ST devices, they have never resolved an issue I dont believe. I’ve opened a handful of tickets, and hell I know a couple should still be open. Last one was just a couple days ago when all my cree bulbs went uncontrollable. First response took 24 hours with the usual bs and nothing useful “maybe your sockets arent routing right”. Replied, another 24 hours and I gave up so reset devices. At this point email support is a joke IMHO and probably only good for newbies with 3 bulbs. My reply was to close the ticket and pretty much everything I said above about how they have never fixed an issue…and well 24 hours between email replies is ridiculous.

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If someone actually told you that, please PM it to me. I am over a hundred devices with beta this and custom that on multiple hubs and I know a good number of people who have even more. Granted, I do see some issues, and 99.9% of the time I expect to have problems because I tinker with my gear as a day job. But when I do run across something that is genuinely unexpected, no one has ever told me it was because I have too many devices.

We do track support issues and the number of issues reported is a driver on the amount of attention it receives. I agree that it does suck to be an advanced user getting put through “the script”, but that’s the way support works.

A story:

In a previous life I was a network engineer working on a pretty large Cisco roll out. I ran into an issue and needed to call support. Of course, we did not have the Gold Certified Blah Blah support package so I got a tier one support person on the other side of the world. This person hit me with the script and it was infuriating. I was a Cisco Certified Networking Professional. It was beneath me to answer the stupid questions. I demanded to speak with a tier 3 support engineer, because they would understand me. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the tier three person hit me with the same script, but this time I patiently sat through the script; low and behold I had made an error in configuration. I felt like a jerk. Ever since I have always followed along with the tier one people, that’s their job and I try not to make it harder.

There is a reason the script exists. It does solve most of the problems people encounter on the platform. When the script dosen’t work a ticket is logged. When enough tickets are logged, the problem will get addressed. If that dosen’t work, then get the ticket in and then come ping me or someone else on the community to escalate. Without the ticket, there is nothing for us to escalate except something someone said on the community.


Here, here.
I was a third tier support engineer for a telecom company.
I didn’t have a script but I did end up asking questions that the customer had already answered. The customers always said that they have already answered some of the questions and why don’t we talk to each other.
I would explain that I needed to ask these questions in case it had not already been asked and so I could build my own picture of the issue.
When the issue was resolved (most of the time) the customer would end up relieved and happy and 4 times out of 5 would apologise for their early angst.
What I am saying is be patient with support personnel because at the end of the day they ARE trying to help.


Well @jody.albritton, I can attest that @Navat604 and I did not conspire to make it up.
I’ll have to go into the archive and see if I can find the email exchange, who it was with.
@bobbles , I’m not talking about having to re-explain things to another person. I’m talking about talking to the same person ( same email signature) and having them just keep parroting the exact same thing over and over. When I’m talking about Sylvania GardenSpots and ST/Centralite plugs showing as offline, not responding to app commands, but still coming on/off, dimming with SmartLighting or with Trendsetter, Alexa/Google and the response was to " pop out the batteries and see if the LEDs are green. Green means they are connected to the hub." I am pretty sure he didn’t actually read my email. That or Sylvania has come out with some new lights I don’t know about yet.

Hello Ray,

Jumping in for XXX at the moment to help out. I spoke with XXX regarding this issue and he let me know that he was able to remove those ghost nodes for you. I do also want to mention that performing Z-Wave repairs with as many devices as you have can sometimes cause problems due to the Z-Wave module timing out. We typically recommend to stop running Z-Wave repairs around 30+ devices because of this potential issue.

I hope this information helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

Kind Regards,

XXX = ST support on this case from begining.

Like I said earlier. I have positive experiences most of the time with support. Maybe this person was confused of Zigbee limit devices with no repeater or lack. Who knows.

The other annoying thing is when you go to “Help Us Debug” on the iOS app and it sends your logs to support@smartthings.com - a day later you get a message sayings its gone to the US support team, and they are forwarding it to the UK team, adding an extra day to getting anything sorted.

Oddly enough if you go direct to “Email Support” (without logs) it sends the email to the UK team!