Supported Relay Switches?

I’m having numerous issues with my setup. I contacted support about one of them and was told that the Fibaro Relay Switch is “not an officially supported device”. I naively assumed they would be and I have dozens of them!

Can I ask what people are using for controle of simple on/off circuits that IS supported?

UK or US? The device selection varies by region.


I just checked, and as of this writing, November 7, 2017, there is not a single light switch or in wall micro on the official “works with SmartThings” list for the UK. Only some smart bulbs.

I know the Aeotec micros were on the official UK compatibility list back when the UK hub first launched, have they lost their officially supported status?


Yes, I just looked through the list as I was sure some used to be on there.

So basically if you use a switch and have problems, Smartthings support can disown the problem.

The Aeon Micro switches are still listed on our support site for the UK, but we’re working to add official support for the Nano Switch and Dimmer.

The Fibaro in-wall relays were never officially supported, but we’re working on that right now too. When we add support for this Fibaro device in the future it’ll likely be a different Device Type Handler.

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