Italy: Switches and sockets: compatible SmartThings and BTicino Live Now?


I am renovating my apartment, where I intend to implement SmartThings as much as possible.

As for lighting and electrical systems, I am trying to design a solution that gives the comforts of a smarthome, but which is also user friendly for those who want to use traditional switches and sockets.

The BTicino Live Now series does something very close to what I had in mind.

For this I am looking for help to understand if:

  1. There may be some compatibility between SmartThings and BTicino Live Now (which works with the ZigBee protocol). There are no indications in this regard, but maybe someone has tested it or can tell me how to make the two systems communicate.

  2. If there is no compatibility, which are the compatible brands that have modular socket and switch solutions? Basically that they can be mounted on the classic 503, 504 and 506 boxes (italian standard) with flexibility in the choice of modules and plates?

Thanks in advance


It is hard to tell that are they fully compatible, but BTicino being a Legrand company, probably they are following correctly the Zigbee standard.

The only way to test compatibility is to get a product and try it. As I assume they follow Zigbee standard correctly, there is a good chance that one of the current DHs would work with them out of the box, or a DH can be modified to be compatible.

I haven’t heard before about BTicino, but they have a really nice variety of products and design finish. It looks cool. But searching their website for technical details is a pain, without knowing the product number it is hard to find the right documentation in the list of 2000+ documents.

Do you have any link where are prices listed too? I am quite curious what are these devices cost.

I have seen BTicino Live Now before but I can’t make head nor tail of their product line.

It is impossible to tell what bits are needed for example to do a single gang dimmer switch. Even if it is possible it looks like it would be extremely expensive. (Update it looks like the minimum possible is a two gang unit although perhaps one would be a blank.)

It also looks like since their dimmer modules occupy two spaces that it would not be possible to do a four gang unit, their ‘6’ module unit would therefore only enable three dimmers.

Plus points for them in that it is a mix and match solution with lots of options, minus points it is far too complex. If they did single slot dimmers it would be a lot more useful.

Hi @GSzabados,
thanks for your reply.

In italy, for example, Leroy merlin is an official retailer:

And so, can any ZigBee device be added to Smartthings?
Do you have any compatible alternative of modular switches like this?


Yeah, I’ve looked at it. The multiple option is there definitely. But the complexity of building them is quite amazing. I am struggling to find what is needed, but the most of it is really the covering plastic bits, and then they are expensive.

I might would buy a single module just to see how it is working. It seems to be supporting two way switch setup, but it is not clear, does it need another piece for it or not. Quite confusing.

And of course it is for wider boxes, not really for the common European “round” switch boxes.

@MarcoDM, sorry, I am not aware of any modular switch like this. But it looks definitely interesting. If you build your home with it, then it is a good idea, but for upgrading might be a pain to replace everything.

Look at some reviews in, some people mentioned that they can be burnt easily.

Yes, in theory any zigbee device can be connected to SmartThings.

Instead, the BTcino range is called “Living Now”. I’ve never heard of anyone including it to a SmartThings hub. Try it, I would be curious to see. But you wouldn’t also be able to use the Living Now hub, because Zigbee can have only one coordinator. Seems slightly limiting, throwing all your eggs into the BTcino basket, it would be more expensive for sure, but probably more reliable. I would just buy Fibaro dimmers and relays, and stick them behind the physical switches and then you use whichever switch plate you want. Ask your question on the “SmartThings Italian users” group on Facebook.

@MarcoDM, I have received the single module what I could get my hand on it for about 10 Euros. And I cannot pair it with ST. It has some different kind of pairing method, what is not really supported by ST.

Meanwhile I was searching for the topic to reply, I have came across another topic, what should have the reason why it is not going to work with ST. Bummer…

Otherwise, if you want to build your system with Bticino Living Now, then drop me a PM, I am happy to sell the Relay for the price I’ve received it plus shipping, which shouldn’t be too much. It is probably a display model or something similar. The Bticino site list the Relay for 40+ Euros. :wink:

I would take the advice from the other topic and would go with something easier, like the Fibaro relays, you will end up with probably a cheaper solution than Bticino’s modular system.

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