2 Gang switch or Module solution? (UK)

Hi all,

I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to get lighting setup in my property.

My downstairs has neutrals in the switch, so I can only install modules at the switch (nightmare is it means replacing all backboxes to accommodate)

Upstairs is 3-plated, far easier as I can either install at the switch or in the ceiling.

My main issue is fitting these modules in the backboxes, I have some fibaro dimmer 2s to test. Many many people have 2gang switches here in the UK, Im struggling to understand how their can’t be a solution to automate them?


I know this can work out expensive but I have some LightwaveRF light switches and sockets.
These do need there own hub and can then be integrated into ST using IFTTT. This can introduce lag though.
You can also integrate these using a Raspberry Pi.
This is my set up.
ST app that integrates the lightwaverf devices working to a Raspberry Pi which then communicates locally to the lightwaverf hub.
Minimal lag and also some nice dimmers etc.
Works for me.

Hmm, really didn’t want to go that route. Such a shame nobody makes such nice zwave socket outlets and switches as they do.

I’ve managed to make a cavity in the wall with little damage so far, if i do managed to get two modules in i’ll stick a pic or two up :slight_smile:

I also wish there were better choices for zwave sockets and switches. Hopefully one day soon some manufacturer will pick up on this market gap.

In the meantime I’m running extra cables to my light switch boxes, house currently only two wire, and putting the fibaro units in the loft. I’m making my own life more difficult than it has to be but the wife insists on everything still working the old fashioned way as well.

I’m lucky to live in a bungalow and have a relatively easy time pulling extra wiring where needed but everything would be so much easier with a good choice of switches.

Yea hopefully for sockets, there isn’t anything on the market apart from those TKB sockets and the expensive aeotec ones that i’ll probably get.

By the way i’ve just installed 6/15 switches today and i found that the 2 wire ones (my property is a mixture), are far easier to install due to the fewer cables at switch box. The Fibaro dimmer 2 modules work without a neutral you just link our Sx and N.

I’ve been putting 47mm boxes in at each switch, and some 2gang switches i have i’ve cutout the bottom of the switch box (both metal and plastic depending), and poked the module into the wall cavity to both help with space in the box and heat issues.

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