UK 1/2/3 Gang Switches


Has anyone brought any of the following and integrated them with SmartThings? If so, any verdict on them before I try buying some?

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I’m looking for the same really, all the smart light switches I see only are US variants so not sure if they’ll work the same in Ireland.
The TP link hs220 looks good but again i think its only US available

I’ve found dodgy Chinese zwave stuff to be unreliable and regularly stops working for unknown reasons, so don’t think I’d recommend them tbh.

Putting a fibaro behind the regular switch is genuinely the best implementation around and allows changing the style of switch whilst preserving super customisable and reliable operation.

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I do use the fibaro micro switch but as far as I’m aware there isn’t one that can control a 3 gang switch?

You’re right there isn’t, but I have put a module inside a junction box that is buried in the wall behind the switch wall box, hence you can fit one or two devices in the switch wall box and unlimited (in theory) behind it.

Also I think it is rare that all three circuits will have their main junction point together at a single switch, and hence it typically leaves some flexibility to put one of the fibaros in a different location, behind a different switch. If that makes sense… Though perhaps you have one of these cases, for rooms with lots of different lighting circuits

Are the Fibaro items supported by smartthings natively or do you need to run something through github?


I do use the fibaro micro switch but as far as I’m aware there isn’t one that can control a 3 gang switch?

There is a Fibaro 2 switch relay which can therefore as a single unit control both switches in a 2-gang switch. To do 3 or 4-gang you would use need to use more than one Fibaro unit. The problem then is fitting them (all) behind a faceplate, this is why some people instead fit them above the ceiling rose in the ceiling void.

My own intention is to put them in the ceiling even for single gang locations, I do have at least one 3-gang situation I will have to do this for.

Fibaro being standard Z-Wave are supported directly but there is a DHT which adds better control.