Z-wave/Zigbee device Compatibility

It looks like the market is being flooded with knockoff “smart” devices. While that could be good for prices, I’m concerned that compatibility is limited. If the SmartThings hub uses Z-wave and Zigbee, what are the chances that I’d be able to connect a generic z-wave plug to the hub? I know there’s the “official” compatibility list, but if a device can connect using one of those protocols, wouldn’t it work with some sort of generic on/off control at minimum?

Basically, I want a cheap outlet. Do I buy a cheap one from Monoprice or GearBest or do I stick with the compatibility list? Where is everyone getting their stuff for cheap?

This is very much a newbie question. I’m surprised I couldn’t find it in the FAQs.

It might need a custom device handler. Usually doing a search on this site of the model you are looking at will get you results of whether it works or not and the link to the device handler if needed.

i don’t if its so much “knockoff” devices as it is limited manufactures selling to companies that just white label them, a’la SmartThings sensors just being re-branded Centralite. Zooz, Dome and Neo Coolcam are all the same, etc.

It’s in the community – created FAQs. :sunglasses:

As far as your original question about a cheap outlet, are you in the US or the UK? The device selection does vary.

I’m in the US. Thanks for the replies. I’ll check out the lists.