Legrand Valena Next with Netatmo (zigbee 3.0 inside?)

I just read in an article that the Valena Next with Netatmo switches by Legrand have a zigbee 3.0 chip inside… I stopped reading right there and jumped here to see if there’s an integration available or if maybe I can just get one and use it as is with a generic zigbee DH? I did get to read that there’s a power meter somewhere in the device too… so that would be a must…

Should I take the plunge?

yes, and let us know if it works :slight_smile: In theory it should using one of the generic zigbee DTH.


These Legrand products are ‘interesting’ but I believe for me at least ultimately disappointing.

They do indeed appear to be Zigbee and as such should fairly easily connect to Smartthings. The reference to Netatmo - another French company which has been bought by Legrand suggests that these Legrand products would be possible to use with Apple’s HomeKit. This will probably require a hub of some sort and will be achieved in a similar manner to Philips Hue.

Netatmo started off as an Apple focused company and most of their products under their own name are HomeKit compatible. They are also about to ship a HomeKit compatible smart video door bell.

Unfortunately as I mentioned Legrand is a disappointment for me. This is down to two reasons. Firstly so far they have not released their products for the UK market only some European markets including Spain and France. This is partially I believe down to starting off with an offering that has an EU power socket. However this is somewhat contradicted by their also launching in Australia! The second issue is that their light switch is a single gang design and they don’t seem to have options for 2, 3 and 4 gang. (I exclude the possibility of placing two single gang units next to each other, this approach takes far too much space.)

It would be interesting to know answers to the following.

  1. Do they do dimmers as well as switches?
  2. Do they work with 2-wire circuits or do they need 3-wire circuits?

If a fundraiser is done, I can be the guinea pig for testing and answering those questions… :roll_eyes::joy: (The devices are 50€ a piece… slightly out of reach right now…)

@danielccm, @jelockwood look at this topic

Italy: Switches and sockets: compatible SmartThings and BTicino Live Now?

BTicino is a Legrand company has it’s own zigbee line with the same Netatmo (Apple HomeKit) connect part and gateway. They have a better design than the Legrand ones and do support multiple modules side by side.
I have found some display models of the modules in Poland selling for about 10 Euro, but couldn’t find a switch cover. You might can find it in the UK or other countries.

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@danielccm, @jelockwood - I haven’t succeeded with the Bticino relay what I have just bought. It is no way to be recognized by ST. See my findings in the other topic.