Issues with zwave window mc

ThNk you for getting on that so quick, sorry but how do i use this ?, I looked in the invitatiom link i have from you but i can only see the window one i previously tried ?

Sorry just worked it out, works great, thanks for the help and doing it so quick, do you have a paypal or anything so i can show my thanks ?

Hi @Troy_Boutsa

It is not necessary, but if you want to do it, I will spend it to your health


Hi, sorry to bother you again, having a small issue, its not reporting back thats its open or closed, so i cant use automations properly and the percentage of window, when you move the slider it closes or opens it, instead of going hLf way, if theres any fix for that it would be great, if not, thanks for taking the time to help, much appreciated

Hi @Troy_Boutsa

You would have to see the logs or first see the manual to see if you have to configure any association group with the Hub other than group 1 that is associated by default.

If you have a link to the manual or brand model?

Hi this is the model, sorry how do i look at or change the logs ?

Ive downloaded the manual will give that a go. Thanks for getting back to me

Try to perform a factory reset to restore all parameters values to default.

This is a tutorial to instal CLI in windows and capture logs

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Thanks, by suggesting the manual, i worked it out, much appreciated the help from you, thanks