Getting started?


I didn’t find you until now and I’ve already started on a sensor project based on the programmable XBee Pro from Digi.  Mostly door temperature, door, and light sensors for now.  I’d love to fold it under SmartThings umbrella since Z-wave has some great GE items and I’d love to focus on HW (I do SW at work and that’s enough).  So I’ve been browsing around the site but I can’t find the DevKit link or even the ZigBee frame definition.  Are you under HA or something else?




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Anyway, found some info under Resources.  Would love to use my existing XBee modules instead of switching over to ThingModules though.  Where are the docs on the ZigBee frames you use?  I see a lot of Z-Wave info but still digging for Zigbee.

It seems that is broken and you can’t actually pre-order (that button redirects back to

Hmmm a little flaky experience to someone that just peeked in…

We use the ZigBee HA spec. Getting the XBee’s to connect isn’t impossible, but I haven’t had much luck finding a HA stack for it.

The is temporarily down as we’re no longer taking pre-orders until we fulfill whats already been ordered. We’ll be opening up a list while we sort out our new e-commerce within the next few days.

Try seed studios. It’s not implicitly listed online but if you send an email they tend to dig up whatever you’re looking for. Also, Alibaba is a great resource - just find what you want, tell them you need 2000 and ask for sample/eval units in quantity 1-2 and pay the china post air fee. Just got some radios the other day - 5 days from order to delivery.