Getting started?

(Mattias) #1


I didn’t find you until now and I’ve already started on a sensor project based on the programmable XBee Pro from Digi.  Mostly door temperature, door, and light sensors for now.  I’d love to fold it under SmartThings umbrella since Z-wave has some great GE items and I’d love to focus on HW (I do SW at work and that’s enough).  So I’ve been browsing around the site but I can’t find the DevKit link or even the ZigBee frame definition.  Are you under HA or something else?




(Mattias) #2

Edit… Sigh CTRL-Z erases whole paragraphs and shift CTRL-Z doesn’t redo it.  lost a lot of text :frowning:

Anyway, found some info under Resources.  Would love to use my existing XBee modules instead of switching over to ThingModules though.  Where are the docs on the ZigBee frames you use?  I see a lot of Z-Wave info but still digging for Zigbee.

(Mattias) #3

It seems that is broken and you can’t actually pre-order (that button redirects back to

Hmmm a little flaky experience to someone that just peeked in…

(Andrew Urman) #4

We use the ZigBee HA spec. Getting the XBee’s to connect isn’t impossible, but I haven’t had much luck finding a HA stack for it.

The is temporarily down as we’re no longer taking pre-orders until we fulfill whats already been ordered. We’ll be opening up a list while we sort out our new e-commerce within the next few days.

(Solardave1) #5

Try seed studios. It’s not implicitly listed online but if you send an email they tend to dig up whatever you’re looking for. Also, Alibaba is a great resource - just find what you want, tell them you need 2000 and ask for sample/eval units in quantity 1-2 and pay the china post air fee. Just got some radios the other day - 5 days from order to delivery.