Somfy ZRTS

Just switched from Wink. Trying to add my Somfy ZRTSI Blinds. The app only lists eZEX. Is it no longer compatible with ZRTS?

UGH I hate that ‘helpful’ UI in the newapp - Maybe try to add it as a generic Zwave device (ad > Zwave >generic) and then if it doesn’t match the fingerprint you should be able to go into the IDE and update the device handler.

thread about the ZRTSI Blinds here:

I think I kind of understand what you said. Plain English for the nube please. LOL

Main screen
Top right, plus sign - add device
Choose device
Scroll to bottom of sea of icons
Select ZWave
Geneic ZWave device
Start pairing process.

See what happens

Thanks! I’ll give it a shot.

Thanks for the suggestion. It worked. On is open, and off is closed. The automation works great!