Smart Things Motion Sensor Slow to Respond >1 minute

I just recently got the Smart Things hub and Motion Sensor - the motion sensor is painfully slow to react. Even with waving my hand directly in front of the sensor it takes upwards of a minute to notify me via the app that intrusion has been detected and everything is indeed “not okay”.

This doesn’t seem normal for the purposes of home security in addition to all the other things people use motion sensors for. Is there a way to correct this? Did I just get a faulty sensor?

It could be your Smart Home Monitor that is the issue, assuming you’re referring to SHM when you say Intrusion via the app (i’m personally having an issue with my SHM so I stopped using it).
To really test if your Motion Sensor is working, look under Things and see if that device reports the movement.

It does report the movement eventually but not for a minute or so.

Is there a notable difference between using SHM to “arm” your home vs simply setting an action to set it to “away”. Its confusing to me overall why there is an armed away state and an away state when they appear to do the same thing. Even more confusing is the selective SmartApps you are able to incorporate SHM related actions with vs standard “Away” actions.

Can someone shed some light?

There have been issues the past few days. I have had bathroom switches not come on for a whole pee :slight_smile: but others instantaneously; a little later everything is back to normal. Some things act a bit strange if you have never been through this like the motion sensor works ASAP in the app so you think maybe it’s the switch or the bulb but it’s just that the light never gets the command to turn on from ST.
This happens periodically so if it does just create a ticket with ST.

I can handle peeing in the dark ( okay with just the nightlight on), it is when I am in the bathroom exactly the same amount of time it takes ST to decide there is no motion in the hallway and all the lights shut off just as I walk out of the bathroom. So I end up walking down the stars in pitch black. hoping I don’t trip over a cat or dog that thinks stairs are the perfect bed.