Issues with new ver of the app

I have both the old ver and the new ver of the SmartThings apps on my phone. I have two houses. The old app shows both hubs connected and online. The new version of the app always shows the Home hub is offline. both use the same account name and password. Does anyone know why this is happening?

Do you have more than one Location? If yes, if you change to the other Location in the STSC app, does the Home hub show as online?

I do have two locations. One is called Marblehead and the other is Home. How do you change the location in the new app? In the old app there is a pull down to do it.

Go to the devices tab, at the very top of the screen in the center is a pull-down menu. You might be able to choose all devices to get both hubs

Here is what it shows.

And if you choose the Home Location?

I get this.

On the old app it is connected.

Contact ST support to report this issue.

I did contact support and sent them all the pictures that I posted here. I was asked to uninstall the app and reinstall it. I did and it did not fix the issue. This was the last response I received.

Hi Sean,

I do apologize that you are having to go through If you need further assistance or experience any other issues please submit a new ticket with details including model numbers of the devices that are not functioning as expected, screenshots of any error messages that occurred, or call (866) 813-2404 Monday - Saturday, 9AM - 9PM EST and an agent will be happy to assist you.

SmartThings Support

I asked not to close the ticket and sent a pic of the back of the hub that includes the model and serial number. I do not know why they would want to close the ticket.

I did get a response. Asking for more info. Hope they figure it out.

This is the response I received. Basically they are saying it is broke and the fix is to keep using the old app until it goes away.

I do apologize for the delay in a response. I did review your account and I do see that you have migrated over to a Samsung account with two locations, both Home and Marblehead. Due to the constant updating we are working on with our New SmartThings Application (Samsung Connect), I would advise to keep using the Classic application as I view are functions are active and working as normal. We will send you a notification on when this application is no more, but please be on the lookout for more updates as we make our New SmartThings application top of the line. If you still have any further questions, please email us at or call one of our support representatives for assistance at (866) 813-2404, we are open from 9AM-9PM EST Monday-Saturday.