Hub OFFLINE due to new smartthings app

Hello all,
I have a big problem, if someone can help me please.

I have download/install/configurate the new smatthings wednesday
I connected my Hub (V2) and i can see it on the app but not the devices connected to it.
It has creat a second location nomed "HOME"
Because it is not usable for me, i have deleted the new app to stay with the "classic app"
But since, when i am switched (in the classic app) to the normal and old location, app say me "Hub is offline"
When i witch to the new partition “HOME”, App say me Hub is Online

I have try to delete the “home partition” from the app and from the IDE but i can’t
From IDE = 500: Internal Server Error
From app = something went wrong

Someone can help me please

Contact support. Hopefully they can sort your account out.

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OK, thanks, i have creat a ticket
I hope it will not be too long

Why did you switch to the new app? At some point, all of our accounts are going to be migrated to it automatically.

As I’ve seen a lot of posts about the migration now. I thought the same, we could upgrade to a newer, more modern app. I like to be on the bleeding edge. Nobody had any idea this would be handled so poorly.

Did you get a solution? I did the same thing since my Samsung phone updated and installed the new app all by itself. Now my hub is offline too…

Hello, normaly, you have two location with one creat by the new app (Home normaly)
You hub is associate with this one ans no solution to associate the HUB with thé first
Si i have deleted the first location (and all my device)
In second Time my hub was connected to usa server, the Time have change this to connect it with UK server