Two Hubs show at default Home location in the new Smartthings App

Help! I have two locations with two different hubs in the (old) Smartthing Classic App. So far so good.

But in the “new” Smartthings App (Connect) it’s completely wrong. Both hubs are associated with the default “Home” location and my alternate “Cabin” location is no where to be seen.
If I add a new location in the new App or in the GUI, then it shows up in the new App, but I can’t move the Cabin Hub to the new Location.

Why is my existing Cabin location not recognized? Or how can I create a new location and then move the hub to the new location along with all the connected devices and SmartApps (I have a lot of them configured).

Have you received a notification explicitly telling you to use the new SmartThings (Samsung Connect) App?

If not, then your existing configuration may not be compatible with this new App yet, and you should continue to use the SmartThings (Classic) App.

While many users have reported that they can concurrently use both Apps (with a few quirks here and there - some more serious than others…), having multiple Locations under one Account may be one of the configurations that does not smoothly transition.

We haven’t been given details as to the timeline of transitioning/migrating existing SmartThings Locations and all their bits of configuration to be “maximally” compatible with the new App.

All the recommendations I read is to avoid using the new SmartApp unless you find it particularly compelling for a particular feature or whatever … and if you are willing to live with the complications.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful - SmartThings support might have techniques for fixing the multiple Location issue, or you can poke around in the IDE (; but I thought it is worth alerting you that patience is the safer and easier approach for now.


Thank you. That’s useful insight. No, no one compelled me to use the new app. I just thought I should because I didn’t want the old one to be phased out on me. Where would I look for updates on this kind of thing?

This Topic below is helpful.

Though, honestly, we all wish that Samsung SmartThings would have more official communication on this… A blog? Why not???


Yes that’s normal. When you migrate to the new account it creates a default location called a home with no hub attached. So you can see two home locations. You can’t delete it unfortunately. There’s no solution for it other than reporting it to ST for now. Just ignore the location otherwise.

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I was able to delete mine today. I had to change the default location, then it let me delete the “home”

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You misunderstand. I should have two hubs in two locations, but in the new app, they are merged into one!


That’s a mess. Not all that many folks have multiple hubs (I’ll bet it’s under 0.1%!) so this problem likely doesn’t show up enough for SmartThings to have really debugged it.

A Location is allowed to have multiple Hubs (per the data structure), but the ability to place multiple Hubs in one Location was deprecated years ago.

Fact is, though, that many of the customers who have more than one Hub would love to be able to merge them into one Location … it opens up a lot of great possibilities.

So… It is worth exploring and figuring out if just maybe this configuration will work out for you?

Otherwise: Pray :pray: that SmartThings Support can and will split up the Locations/Hubs for you and preserve the data … otherwise, you will have no choice but to remove and reset one of the Hubs, and then add it again as a brand new fresh Location (and add back all your Things and configured SmartApps).

I am experiencing this issue now. Has anyone figured out a solution or at lest how this has happened? My houses are 150 miles apart and I cannot figure out how the location for the second house changed itself to the location of the first house???