Help! Can't connect my Hub to the new SmartThings App

I have an older STH-ETH-200 hub which was working great with the Smarthings Classic App. Now that they are forcing everyone to the new SmartThings app, I can not connect to my hub anymore. When I try to add it in the app my screen goes black for a few seconds and then the app either freezes or goes back to the home screen. It does this even when the hub is unplugged, so it seems like an app issue and not a “handshake” issue. Has anyone seen this?

Check to see if you have multiple Home locations. Click on menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen) and you should see Home with a pull-down menu. Click on the pull-down, if there is more than one listed, choose the other and see if your hub and devices show. If not, contact ST support.