Issues with Multiple ST Hubs on different Google Home accounts

So I’ve found myself in some sort of pickle. I share a house with a roommate, under 1 hub. I have couple of google homes under my account and he has one of his own. I have never had a problem with linking my hub to all the Homes.

My mom wanted to get into home automation, so I helped her setup a simple layout with a few lights, Harmony and a couple google homes at her own house. To make things easy, I linked her ST hub to my account so I can troubleshoot it from afar.

Things were working just fine until about 2 months ago where it started having issues.

Issue one, the most recent Google Home account to be linked up with ST was the only one that worked. All others stopped. So I read up and saw that it may help for everyone to have their own user for ST and so I did and relogged everyone under their own user for ST and made my mom owner of her hub. It worked for about 2 weeks. Now it doesn’t matter who is logged into what. It will just cause issues with the other homes.

I’ve been loving this thing for 2 years now.


I’ve had this issues for several months now. SmartThings used to work with multiple google accounts when we were able to give permission of individual devices. Now, we can only give permission of the entire hub to the google account so only the latest linked account works.

I’ve called Samsung support but I’m not sure how to get this issue escalated. As of now, I have to just make a bunch of IFTTT commands for my other accounts…