Can I connect multiple google accounts to a single ST hub?

I live in a duplex, but both sides share the same home automation system… Mainly for the outside lights. (Driveway, entry, back yard, etc.) All are Z-Wave switches. I would like to be able to use two separate google home accouts to control a single ST hub. Is this possible?

I would think you could log into google home from each respective account and connect it to SmartThings, and it would work, but since I don’t own one yet, I can’t try.

I am currently using a RPi3 with Home Assistant, and it is just getting increasingly frustrating for me trying to make it work properly, so I am looking for another way to achieve this without so much difficulty.

(PS - Sorry in advance if this had been asked before. I spent 3 days searching and could only turn up discussions about multiple hubs on a single google account, or multiple home devices on a single hub. nothing touched on connecting two separate google accounts to a single hub.)

This will help you with how this is done.

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Wow, that was really simple. Thanks! I guess days of searching net more when you know what you are searching for!

Thank you again very much!