GE Outdoor Light Plug-and-Control Power Outlet - no status


I bought one of these to switch my outside Christmas lights on and off. The switch works flawlessly and reliably when triggered from the ST App or ant SmartApps, however it never seems to report its status back to ST - the iPhone App always reports it as off when I do a refresh, it also doesn’t report through to my Florian Dashboard.

It installed with a device type of Z-Wave Switch which seems sensible enough - does anyone else have this working, or have any troubleshooting suggestions?

I just checked mine and it is also using the z-wave switch device type. Mine is reporting the status though. Might be worth removing and re-adding to your things and see if that helps.

OK, thanks for the confirmation that it SHOULD work :slight_smile: I’ll do as you suggest.

Another idea…depending on how far away it is from the hub…you may want to try and remove and re-add keeping the plug near the hub for 5 to 10 minutes and then move it out to where you will use it. I’ve run into issues where it doesn’t seem to discover all of the features or things a device can do unless it is near the hub for a while and can sync up. Maybe I’m just imagining that, but worth a try…

Right - running out to do that now - will report back!

Long story short it’s working now!

I think it came down to range in the end. I excluded and re-added inside and it worked, took it back outside and it started misbehaving again. I finally moved it to a different location and it seems happy now.

It’s strange though, because where it is now is much further from the hub and other ZWave devices than it was before - go figure! In any case I am planning on replacing a Zigbee bulb near to it with a ZWave switch which should help.

Thanks for the inspiration to get this working finally :smile:

No problem. Another thing you could try doing is the repair z-wave network once you have it in place. That should force things to refresh and mesh properly. Just another idea.

Yep, I kicked that off already just to be on the safe side but it all seems pretty stable now.

I’ve got the same thing going on…

FYI, Zigbee won’t repeat Zwave… different meshes, different frequencies, etc…