GE Receptacle - Not Always Connected

I recently purchased a GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Duplex Receptacle from Amazon. This was the first Z-Wave product I purchased.

I set it up to connect to a lamp in my foyer, programming it to turn on at night when I’m gone. Except, I don’t think it’s turning on. My smartthings hub isn’t indicating its on. Also when I try to control the outlet with the app it doesn’t respond.

I’ll hit the on/off button a couple times then 60-90 seconds later all the commands come through and the light flashes how many times I’ve taped on/off.

Is this common with GE outlets? I got a GE Link bulb and it’s instant! It’s amazing but the outlet is pretty much junk…

Sounds like a signal issue. I’ve been playing with an outdoor outlet and had the same issue when it would go from bad signal to a good signal. I take it smartthings keeps delivering the messages for a bit until it gets a response. You may need a repeater or extender like a Z-wave plugin outlet Link. It’s what solved my issue.

Hmm maybe my box is just placed in a bad place. It’s only like 15 ft away. Although after doing some WiFi mapping (both boxes are in the same location) I noticed my WiFi isn’t being disburse well.

Yea the hub and Wifi router need to have some distance, they tend to walk all over eachother. On my outside outlet I couldn’t get a signal on a wall just outside where my last repeater was, talking less then 6 ft… Had to move the outlet to a different location further away in a different direction, seems counter intuitive but it works and there is more glass on that side of the house.