GE 12721 In-Wall Z-Wave Outlet - Unable to turn on

I’ve had an issue with my GE 12721 In-Wall Z-Wave Outlet for a while. Essentially it’s impossible to turn it on from the SmartThings app (I’m using Classic). If it’s ON, I’m able to turn in OFF. However, the status in the app shows always ON. The only way I’m able to turn it on is through voice via Alexa. That being said, Alexa reports that the device is unresponsive although it does indeed turn it on.

I have tried:

  • Remove the device and re-add it (it pairs perfectly fine and quickly every time)
  • Z-wave network repair
  • Changed the device type to “Z-wave Switch”, “Z-wave Switch Secure” (it pairs as a “Z-Wave Switch Generic” by default)

In the IDE, I can see events for the device, but every tap on the ON/OFF button in the app shows an “off” command. When I tap refresh, that registers too.

Any ideas?


Sounds like the hub may be timing out waiting for a response from the device. Normally I’d say move the device closer to the hub and see if it responds, but with this being in the wall that’s a little more difficult. If you have a more portable device that could act as a zwave repeater you could try placing it midway between the outlet and the hub to see if it resolves the issue. Could also go to the web interface, click on Live Logging, and then try activating the device and see what is reported in the log.

It responds to and logs every tap in the app, it’s just that the ON command does not work. Removing the device and re-pairing it is almost instant. So not an issue with communication with the hub which happens to be on the other side of the wall.