Issues with 2 Automations

I currently have 2 automations setup inn the new app that work and dont woirk. one is nursing for turning on lights, etc when my daughters night nurse comes and what triggers that is motion at the front door from ring door bell and unlocking the door. I have the time frame for 3o minutes and it used to work but when i added the ring flood light it didnt. So i deleted the flood cam and it still didnt work. The other one is not putting the house in away mode, which shuts everything off and lowers the heat when my wife and I are not there, unless motion is detected by 3 motion sensors. What i tried to avoid is when my daughter is home sick and her nurse is there, i dont want the heat to lower or lights going off so thats why I added motion. I did notice I had it setup for 10 minutes so i changed it to 5 minutes. @Brad_ST any help would be appreciated.

Is this different from the issue in November?

Yes. It was working after I took away the floodlight cam, but not everytime. Only thing I was select run one time.