Simple automation with Ring not working in new app

I’m trying to setup an automation that for.some reason is.not working on the new app. Im.trying you get the lights to turn on when my daughters nurses come to the house at night. My setup is…when motion detected (ring doorbell) and locked unlocked, living room light & kitchen light turn on with the kitchen light turning off 10 minutes later. I have tried this automation for some time but it just doesn’t work. Originally I was also including my garage motion light (ring) but that didn’t work also.

@JDRoberts I need your input.

If you look in the history for your ring device, is it showing the motion events?

There is a 2 hour gap it did pick her up at 1051pm.

I’m not sure if this means anything but in the new smartthings app, under the video screen for my ring doorbell it says button & under that it says standby. Then under that is the motion activity.

I don’t really know anything about the new app yet, but hopefully others will be able to help. :sunglasses:

Is there a motion event in e SmartThings history at the time you expected the automation to run?

There is but my daughter’s murder came early last night so I will double check again tonight.

@jody.albritton I setup my automation and it still.disnt work. Motion is detected with ring but i noticed one thing…the times are listed 24 hour format in smart things but all other devices show a 12 hour time format. Im.nit sure if that could cause the automation not to work.

So ring doorbell in the classic app shows the 12 hour time frame while in the new app it shows 24 hour. This is why the automation is.not working I think. I uninstalled & re installed but still the same 13 hour time frame…need help ro correct this so the automation works… @JDRoberts

I’m sorry, I don’t know any more about this issue. Definitely report it to support, it’s supposed to be officially supported. :disappointed_relieved:


I called & they are closed but I will call tomorrow.

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Did you remove the automation? I looked and don’t see it.

I recreated this automation and it worked as expected for me.

Lock is unlocked
Motion dected

Turn on light, turn off after 10 minutes

Hi @Brad_ST & thanks for responding. I didn’t delete the automation & the way I set it up was in a certain time frame, if ring doorbell detects motion, front door is unlocked then turn on living room light & kitchen sink like with kitchen sink light running off 10 minutes after.
Thank you

Can you share a screenshot of the configuration? There are two automations similar to what you described but both of them are currently disabled and neither are configured with a motion sensor.

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Reason why it’s not there is because after it didn’t work Saturday night, I uninstalled the ring app and reinstalled it through the new app. I’m going Tom delete the automation, setup again and try please give me a few min. Thank you again for your help.

It works…now this house is making me look a
Like a lier…lol. only thing I did differently was when I uninstalled the ring app, I reinstalled through the new app but if you check the logs for saturday night between 745 & 8pm, it didn’t work and normally I would run it week nights for around 1130 pm. Thank you for helping. Now on to the next automation.

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