Issues since latest app install

I have a switch that hasn’t turned on with a ‘Hello Home’ action since yesterday when the new app version as installed on my phone. At least I thought it didn’t turn it on. It seems the app says it is turned off so I check the IDE and it said it was off but if I look at the switch itself in the app it is showing energy usage. If I turn it on within the app it goes on then off so I turn it on again and this time it stays on, the IDE says it on but the dropcam connected to it is off and there is 0 W usage. I look at the activity log within the app and sometimes it pulls up data and sometimes it doesn’t pull up data (blank white screen).

This is ridiculous, another app having an issue after an update (hue!) and additional issues with ST in general. How can I trust/rely on this product when a new issue continually comes up and none of the old issues get resolved. ST in general is very unreliable but now I cannot even trust that they can report the accurate status of a switch and if off is on and on is off I don’t know what to do.

Reporting correct status of a device is a basic feature with an expectation that it is always reported correctly.

Someone please HELP

Hey Sean,

Sorry for the trouble! Do you have an open ticket with us? We haven’t seen similar reports related to this update but we definitely want to make sure you have the best experience. PM me your ticket number if you have one and we’ll investigate.