Switches not working

I noticed tonight that my automatic porch light failed to light, my Christmas lights failed to turn off. I’m also unable to turn on the under cabinet lights.

If I tap a switch to turn it off, the icon turns off but the switch doesn’t. After a few minutes the icon turns on again. If I look at activity, it says no recent activity.

Motion sensors are working.


What type of switches are you using?

It’s impacting 3 (at least) InTouch CA3500’s. (outlets not switches, sorry)
It’s also impacting 3 switches, I don’t recall the brand. The switches work manually.
Activity shows up when I manual flip the switch, but I see no activity noted when using ST.

It seems none of my switches and outlets work. The motion detector works and Aeon Multi works along with a couple of phone presence detectors.

I just walked outside and the Aeon motion was detected, but it’s supposed to turn on a light, it didn’t (it’s one of the switches I mentioned above). The temp part of the Aeon is also working.

I had a bunch of flaky problems over the past 60 to 90 minutes. Similar behavior, motion sensor detected motion, switch tile in mobile app turned on but physical light switch did not turn on. Several other switches not responding or staying on long after they would normally turn off after x minutes of no motion detected. I thought it was just me and triggered by the occasional power flickering from a local storm tonight. But it also impacted “lock after xx minutes” timers on and manual control of my battery powered locks which I guess could go flaky if Z-wave mesh went flaky.

I came to here to see if anyone else had problems. Mine seem resolved over the past 15 minutes or so.

I just saw you response and checked, yup, everything is working. No local weather activity around here. Something wrong on the ST side :frowning:

Thanks for your update.

Probably right. All hell is breaking loose outside right now with power drops every minute so for the past 10 minutes. Yet my automated motion triggered switches and apps processing are working fine now. ST Hub is on a UPS but my switches and ISP are not!

My night started out with everything working then 2 GE link bulbs failed to turn on with motion. Now all lights and switches are unresponsive.

Managed to turn off a few GE bulbs by repeatedly tapping the on off switch in a steady tempo until each one eventually turned off but all still remain unresponsive.

my GE Link lights were pretty unresponsive last night, also I had issues trying to pair up two new lights. Everything was good this morning.