Issues adding devices in last week? Is it just me?

So I have just purchased:

  1. a First Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector with zwave
  2. a Utilitech Water Sensor

I have one of each of these already installed ad working perfectly, so it assumed it was a safe bet to get one more of each. However when I add them, standing right on top of the SmartThings v2 hub, they appear to add fine, and I can connect/configure the new devices, but they don’t work and bitch about not being paired. Now I have removed/excluded each and tried to re-add and the hub does not care. It re-added the Utilitech, which still did not work, and will now no longer add the first alert…… presumably not that it would matter. It is as if something suddenly changed on this hub preventing me to do this same exercise I did a few weeks back, very successfully, quickly and easily. Any help would be appreciated.

I had issues adding a relay a few days ago, but was eventually able to push it through using a minimote.

Thanks Ryan. Same type of deal though? Previously a non-issue, suddenlynot working? I don’t want to jump to conclusions, we all make mistakes and I could have missed something, but both of them, and I’ve done this before???

Basically, yes. Usually I’m able to pair things pretty quickly. This time it just wasn’t happening. It even took several attempts to get the minimote to get the hub to enter pairing mode. Once it did, things were fine. On that note, the minimote has always been more reliable for pairing but, as I said, the mobile app usually works…

Well I guess I need a minimote. I didn’t think I did, but I can’t add these now, after multiple attempts. It appears I haven’t gotten another “you are someone who has to reset your hub” messages in the last 48 hours, so not sure what else to do.