Issue with two Ikea Remotes (5 button)

I want to use ST to do some automations with my light and also I want to control them with Ikea Remote (5 button).

I have 4 bulbs (2 x E27 1000lm and 2 x E14 600lm)
I have 2 remotes (E1810 TRADFRI)

  • I added all the light into ST app
  • I added all the remotes into ST app
  • I paired each bulb with the coresponding remote
    This is the only way (without webCoRe) to make the lights dimmable

But, i have a problem: After I pair the secound remote to any bulb, the secound remote now controlls all the lights.

I have no success with the following scenarios:

  • I tried to disconnect the hub from the internet when I pair the bulb with remote
  • I tried to remove already paired bulbs in the process

Is someone who had the same problem as me and can tell me the solution.

Thank you.