DTH for IKEA 5-button remote?

Has anyone been able to get the IKEA 5-button remote to work with ST? I can pair it but I can’t find a device type that will recognize the buttons. I tried creating the DTH found below but when I look at the device in the IDE, the only capabilities I see are battery and status. When I look at the device in the (classic) app, there are no buttons.


When I look at the event list in the IDE, I do see the battery level is being updated so I know ST is talking to the device. I think I just need to find the correct DT. I’ve looked at other threads and it appears others have tried without success but wanted to see if anyone has made any progress in the last few months. As a note, I’m still using a V1 hub. TIA.

not yet, but they’ve been slowly adding the Ikea family of products, so i wouldn’t be surprised if it happened in the future.

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Which ikea devices can you recommend as working well right now?


I have the dimmer remote, RGBW A19 bulb and E12 bulb curently connected. All work well, but the RGBW bulb colors aren’t very good.

Is the dimmer remote this thing?

Does it dim well? As you hold it, it sends dim levels to the hub?

So I can dim a light in real time?

You actually spin it. Here’s a video I made

I hope so. It’s got a great form factor and it’s super cheap. Perfect for use on a bedside table or patio.


Ya, that is, regular price $15.99
IKEA FAMILY member price $8.00
Jun 19, 2019 - Jul 28, 2019 While supplies last in participating US stores.

That price is only for the 5 button remote that doesn’t have ST compatibility yet. The dimmer is still $9.99 each.

The button is now supported just FYI. It pairs directly and works (at least mostly so far) but Im having a couple weird issues Im trying to figure out.

OK, so I’m in the UK, I can pair the 5 button remote to either the driver or smartthings, not both. If I pair to the driver I can dim, brighten, toggle on & off.
Pairing to smartthings I can set set the brightness, or toggle on & off.
Anybody got any idea how I can make the buttons dim or brighten the lights (I.e. Holding the brighten button gradually brightens the light rather than stepping the light up to say 75%)?


I haven’t found a way to do that without using webCoRE.


I have paired the 5 button remote to Tradfri lightbulbs meanwhile they were already paired to Smartthings.
To pair to Smartthings used the 5 press reset on the button. Paired the lightbulb to Smartthings too, by doing the 6 on/off.
Then I paired the remote to the bulb by holding close to the bulb and holding the pairing button for 10 seconds and waited for the lightbulb to flicker.
I haven’t got a driver, but I would think you can do the same with that as I did with the lightbulb.

Do you have a webcore piston that does this? I couldn’t get it to continuously dim or brighten, so I just set it to 5% increments with multiple presses, but that’s not as ideal as simply holding to continuously dim or brighten.

How did you do that?

I can only seem to set it to fixed settings?

Also is there a way yo cycle though scenes with the left right arrow buttons. I’m trying to do this for my Nanoleaf