BUG: Existing button actions are missing

All of my SmartThings buttons are working, and if I go to the Automations view in the app their “Quick Controls” are listed.

BUT if I go to the button device the “Pressed”, “Double Pressed”, and “Held” actions all say “No action assigned”, and clicking those actions brings up a blank action wizard instead of the ability to edit what’s already programmed.

Seems very buggy…

Sidenote: The “Pressed” action displayed by the Automations view doesn’t display the device name consistently with the other two action types…

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I’m experiencing similar issues at well.

I also noticed that I renamed the button device, but the quick controls in the Automations list still show the old button name

Update: This is happening to some, but not all of my buttons. They are all similarly programmed so I don’t know why that would be the case.