SmartThings button actions broken

Pressed, Double Pressed, Held

I had actions defined for these, and in the device controls screen and device behavior, it would seem these actions are still associated with the button. However, now I can’t edit the actions. When I tap on “Pressed,” for example, it takes me to an “add action” screen. So the existing actions can not be changed. Adding an action also doesn’t successfully save; “done” is grayed out. I’ve tried rebooting my SmartThings WiFi hub, without success. I haven’t tried removing then re-adding the button, because that’ll be a mess…

Any idea what’s going on, and how to fix it?

This is unfortunately a known bug with the iOS app.

Also broken on iOS with ikea buttons…used to work fine just a few months ago.

Thank you.

My button action are working in webcore.

If the Quick Controls disappeared tomorrow I wouldn’t miss them.

They clutter up the device details page, don’t have the same actions available as Automations do, have messy names that don’t get updated when the device name is changed, and the editor is prone to returning network errors that make you think a save has failed when it hasn’t and leave you in the editor so you try again and end up with multiple copies.

It would be nice if you could at least disable them, but to me they don’t seem to pay their way.

I like the idea of quick actions. It’s very easy for a new user to add a device and then setup basic actions for it. Apple does something similar when you add a device to HomeKit, but it puts them in the Settings menu after initial setup. Definitely needs some tidying up and getting the mobile app and Rules API working better together, though.

@garrett.kranz any idea if the iOS app is getting a hot fix for the button quick actions issue? This is becoming a real PITA both in my own home and seeing in all the ST communities.

No hotfix, but I’ve confirmed it as fixed in the upcoming iOS App Release.

Is this the end of May release mentioned in the app Notices?