Issue with Lutron Caseta - stale status

I am still seeing delays when I use a Pico switch to change the state.

Another update from Lutron when I emailed about my Pico issue

Thank you for contacting Lutron technical support. This is a known issue with Smart Things. They are aware of the issue and are currently working on a fix. I would also recommend that you ensure that both apps are up to date, we released an update 2 weeks ago that contained a workaround patch until ST can resolve the issue.

Not sure if anyone still has this issue. I resolved it by installing the Lutron Caseta app, removing the Smartthings connection premission from the advanced menu, then going back into Smartthings and re-adding the switches. Tested with physical switches and the app recognizes it.

Anyone else just start seeing this same issue (Smartthings says status is OFFLINE but can control the device just fine with Lutron as well as Alexa). The Event Log in Smartthings even shows the switch going on and off but the status remains OFFLINE…

I am not seeing this issue.

OK thanks. must be something on my end as it is still showing this behavoir but oddly, not on all devices… :confused:

Have you tried power cycling the Lutron bridge?

I just deleted the device both in Lutron (1st) then in Smartthings (2nd). Reinstalled the device in Lutron via the normal Add process on the switch, went back to Smartthings app->connected services->lutron and added the new device it discovered (which is the switch I just reinstalled). all seems back ONLINE and working correctly…for now…

Hi There:

I am having the same issue with only 2 of my 14 Caseta lights. Did the remove and add permanently fix it?

Bumping this because I just ran into this issue. Switch is not updating in ST when run manually.

Was this every w officially resolved?

Ok… you will not like this suggestion but remove the lutron caseta integration from linked services and add it back under Add Device. If you have many lutron devices, it can be a pain if you are using routines because you would need to set those up again. Take screenshots of any automations to use as a reference for recreating them.