Issue with Lutron Caseta - stale status

Yes. Just tried 5 mins ago. Same problem still exists.

It hasn’t been working fine for me for a while now. The status updates in ST within about 2-3 seconds of me hitting the off button on the switch.

Lutron has asked that users with these issues reach out to their tech support directly. Please put “SmartThings attention engineering” in either the subject or early in the body of the email.

I believe their email is


Did anyone on this thread get any resolution from Lutron?

I have been getting no response or couple boilerplate responses from them. (unlink and link again).

I’m still having this issue. I spoke to Lutron on the phone this morning and they told me to call SmartThings. I just emailed with the subject line as suggested above. This is driving my wife mad.

I received this reply from Lutron this morning:

We are actively working on this issue, and believe we have identified it and will have it corrected within the next week or two.

Please bear with us as we try correcting this issue.

Thanks for adding the updates… I created an account to chime in and say I’m having the same issues.

Same issue—couldn’t figure out why none of my automations were working as they should. Hoping they fix soon!

I still have the issue, but the delay has gotten worse. It is up to a few hours now.

Another update from Lutron

The issue has been resolved and the fix will be released with an update tomorrow. Please let us know if this resolves the issue.

I tested last night and it doesn’t seem to be resolved.

Mine seemed to be working last night, it had not been working for months

I also got an update from Lutron telling me that the issue was resolved with a change that was ruled out last week. As of today mine is still not working. Turning off and on my Caseta switches are taking anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours to show in smartthings

Mine are fixed as of this morning. Updates now happen within 2 seconds. Usually faster. It’s possible this is rolling out slowly to users. Try rebooting your Lutron and SmartThings Hubs?

Anyone who was fixed seeing a reemergence of the issue? Mine started working just recently but today as I sit here for example I just now waited for 33 minutes for a change and some lights to turn on as a result. I then shut them off using the switch and again no joy.

Same thing for me. It was fine yesterday early and again this morning but went downhill again.

Sorry to hear y’all are having issues again. Mine has been solid since the fix went live… at least as far as I can tell.

Mine have been working as they should for a while now. I tested yesterday and if I hit the Off button on a dimmer or regular Caseta switch it reflects in ST within about 2-3 seconds. I think that is about as good as it will get or I need anyway.

Seems to be working for me. I have one bit of weirdness with a Pico dimmer and a switch that fires a webcore rule.

Mine still has not worked right for months. There may have been a day within the past two weeks where the delay was less (10 minutes vs 30 minutes) but it has been a long time since I’ve had the status update within seconds like it did when I initially invested in all of this Caseta gear.