Bathroom fan keeps turning on!

I have a webcore piston set to do the following:

If the bathroom_light stays on for 3 minutes
Then turn on the bathroom_fan

The fan randomly turns on, because ST (new app) shows that the bathroom_light switch is on… even though it isn’t.

Is there a ‘refresh’ or ‘poll’ I can do every minute for those two switches?

If so, what is the command?

I see there is a ‘refresh’ command in Webcore, but it looks like this looks for devices, not actually checks the switch status.

Any advice would be great.

What type of light switch? Which hub do you have?

Caseta switch with the hub.

I have a ST Hub v3.

There are some who are experiencing the same issue as you. There was a recent post to the following thread…

I would urge you to report this to ST support at

Thanks. I will.

Is there anything you would recommend in the meantime? Is there a polling app or something in Webcore?

I don’t believe the refresh command will work in webcore. Maybe you can change the piston and add another trigger such as motion or another light in the area that is also on.

They’re all caseta switches… This bathroom is just 1 light and 1 fan.

Just saw this in that post above…

I went ahead and installed POLLSTER.
I set it to poll those two switches every 1 minute (for testing).

I’ll see how this works over the next few days…

A Webcore way to do this would be great, but I guess nothing would beat ST fixing this issue.

FYI - for anyone having a similar issue, I think this may be resolved.

  1. You can install Pollster; this seems to help. I only needed it for 2 switches, so it isn’t killing the network.

With Pollster, I just set it to poll every 1 minute for the selected devices. This updates ST with the right status of those switches. This in turn allows the automation to work since it has pretty recent status updates…
There is still a 60 second gap though.

  1. You can also use the ‘refresh’ command in webCoRE. I ended up testing this out by sending a refresh, waiting 10 seconds, and then if the switch is still on, do x.

I’m not 100% sure you need Pollster since the refresh command seems to do the same thing.