Issue with Firmware update

Hey guys. Newbie here. I’ve been using SmartThings mesh in my house for a couple of years and never had any issues. Today one of the sub hubs stopped working. The unit was flashing red. On the SmartThings app that hub just says “firmware update needed” the when you click on it, it says “it may take one hour to update”. This has been going on for several hours with no change. The main hub across the house is working just fine. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in and I just get green blinking light on the unit but same message on the app. What should I do?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. You will probably need to contact SmartThings support if the firmware update failed: they can see more things from their side then we can.

You can start by opening the smartthings app, Choose Menu, then Contact us.

Or if you are in the US, you can start from the webpage:

In either case, make sure you give them the model number of your hub, that will save one round of questions.