Hub Firmware Beta 0.26.7


  • 0.26.7

Hub Targets

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2015 (Hub V2)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2018 (Hub V3)

Release Date

  • June 7th

Release Notes


  • Fixed issue where hub would occasionally disconnect with some Hue setups

Great job, guys! Worked like a charm. Super fast turnaround too…

With the 26.x firmware, anytime my hub reboots, any smart lighting rules that utilize mirroring will turn on those lights. I have rebooted the hub in IDE and can reproduce the problem.


My Hue still shows as offline and none of the bulbs propagate into my ST setup.

Tried removing it and re-adding yet again, same issue.

Any ideas?

@jkp can you file a ticket in centercode? Off the top of my head I can’t think why that would be happening so we’ll definitely want to investigate.

@ArneHelseth I don’t personally have any ideas but we’ll have our Hue expert take a look. Thanks for filing the bug report.


Just submitted BUG-0052 regarding new zigbee messages I’ve started seeing in the hub’s event log. I really just noticed these, but it looks like it started right after a different hub update on 2019-06-05 1:27:31.290 PM EDT.

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Thanks, I saw that. I think I know what is causing it and don’t think it’s a problem but I asked someone on the team to make sure.


Whew, thanks!

Is anybody else seeing zwave locks not reporting their state when manually locked? A little hard to tell what’s going on since I’m traveling. But I can see our dog sitter lock the door with the Schlage button and SmartThings still shows unlocked.

Sounds like mesh trouble. Assuming your lock is close to a repeater, try initiating a z-wave repair.

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My system is running good. No issues here as of right now

Let’s discuss this in DM

Is there an issue with zwave ghost devices and this beta?

Last time I ran zwave repair it was clean, now I can getting zwave repair errors for devices that are unnamed.

And if I re-run zwave repair again, one right after another different unnamed zwave devices complain of error


Number of # of unnamed devices increase with every zwave repair? Why?

Could you please log a bug in Centercode? One of our Z-Wave engineers will investigate.



Just submitted it
Did not see a way to attach screenshot to centercode


My hub has the 0.26.7 beta firmware, but for some reason Centercode shows no projects again.

I’m looking into it You should be all set now.

Confirmed. Thank you.

Does this firmware support Zwave S2 security?