Issue with downloading SelfTest_Checklist_Smart Plug.xlsx

We are developing a project on, but we are currently encountering an issue. We are unable to download SelfTest_Checklist_Smart Plug.xlsx under the Self-test Checklist in the project. When we click ‘Download,’ it prompts an error:

{“resultCode”:“4030”,“resultMsg”:“You are not authorized to read this Device Profile… 7YqdFYSUzcJexozp”,“resultDetail”:null,“referenceId”:“A0CA1C8643D84D61B7F189EEFB4BB55A”}

Could you please let us know what went wrong and if we need to enable any special permissions?

Hi, @aimore. Welcome to the SmartThings Community!
Can you provide more context about this issue, please?

  • Which kind of project are you using?
  • Does this project belong to you or someone else in your organization?
  • Can you see the complete request and result’s error message in the Console of the browser’s Development tool?
    If so, please send an email to with this info to avoid posting it here.