Can't log into SmartThings app

not sure if this is a SmartThings or Samsung issue but thought I would try here first as it is a problem with the SmartThings IOS app. I am trying to sign in with my Samsung account and enter my ID but then get this error “You are not authorised to view this page. Error 403: Forbidden INVALID_SESSION WIPV2GCaeucentral1_1700314391193_99999-0699955214.999”

All I am trying to do is set up my new Aeotec hub but if this is a taste of how SmartThings works then I’m going to send it back and try something else. Thanks in advance

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I am currently seeing an issue signing into the web interface, takes user name, messages that it is verifying the device (?), followed by a tick, followed by re-prompt for username… and repeat.

No password request…

Exactly the same is happening to me and SmartThings app running on Pixel 7

The problem is observed when trying to Sign In using Google account

I was able to log in on my Galaxy S22 and the web with no issues.

I had a similar issue earlier but only seem to get the error messages.

Can now log into the web interface OK… :+1:

Thanks all - seem to be logged in now - fingers crossed …

I receive 500 Internal Server Error now :frowning: