Issue: SmartThings Windows Phone crash on Things page

Just installed the Windows Phone app, and am deliriously happy. I may be turning off my second phone line today as a result; this was the last app I need to really be single-platform.

I think the app though is crashing (silently) when I enter the things page and then actually when I try to navigate away. I have two custom devices and a number of groups on my page, so anything could be the culprit.


  1. Open & log into windows phone Smartthings app
  2. Navigate to things page
  3. Experience: White screen below the header
  4. Use the back arrow to navigate back
  5. App drops back to the home screen

Lumia 1520, AT&T, GDR1 + a few QFE’s OS release

Exact same thing happens to me! I have the Samsung Ativ S Neo with the latest Windows 8.1 Developer preview.

Not seeing this at all on my Lumia 1020. The things page is loading completely fine, and then no crashes.

I figured out it’s only when I have my custom devices installed. If I uninstall them, it works just fine.

I’m hoping for a fix soon, I miss my power monitor and weather station.,

I’m also using a Nokia 1020 and having trouble with ST app. Dashboard page has no icon in top left. Are you having any problems? Seems buggy to me.

I’m not having any problems anymore. There might be a leak as I’ve had a few sporadic crashes, but by and large it works as advertised. I’m a happy camper :wink: