Issue: SmartThings Windows Phone crash on Things page

(Jim) #1

Just installed the Windows Phone app, and am deliriously happy. I may be turning off my second phone line today as a result; this was the last app I need to really be single-platform.

I think the app though is crashing (silently) when I enter the things page and then actually when I try to navigate away. I have two custom devices and a number of groups on my page, so anything could be the culprit.


  1. Open & log into windows phone Smartthings app
  2. Navigate to things page
  3. Experience: White screen below the header
  4. Use the back arrow to navigate back
  5. App drops back to the home screen

Lumia 1520, AT&T, GDR1 + a few QFE’s OS release

(Nektarios) #2

Exact same thing happens to me! I have the Samsung Ativ S Neo with the latest Windows 8.1 Developer preview.

(jhoff80) #3

Not seeing this at all on my Lumia 1020. The things page is loading completely fine, and then no crashes.

(Jim) #4

I figured out it’s only when I have my custom devices installed. If I uninstall them, it works just fine.

I’m hoping for a fix soon, I miss my power monitor and weather station.,


I’m also using a Nokia 1020 and having trouble with ST app. Dashboard page has no icon in top left. Are you having any problems? Seems buggy to me.

(Jim) #6

I’m not having any problems anymore. There might be a leak as I’ve had a few sporadic crashes, but by and large it works as advertised. I’m a happy camper :wink: