Smartthings not sensing when my android phone is home during the day now

So in the last week or so I’ve been having an issue where the smartthings app has no notification that I’m home. If I look at “family” it shows my phone and shows that it’s home, but the notification didn’t trigger and my garage door didn’t open like it had been doing when I got home. Also, if I tap on the “open” for the garage door in the app, it opens, so it would seem that somewhere between recognizing I’m home and firing the “I’m back” routine, something is broken. Any help? Thanks in advance. Also, things in the app are SUPER slow to load now and I have a pretty fast internet connection. They were pretty quick before.

The activity feed shows my phone coming home, but nothing in the notification list.

Try deleting and recreating the routine. I had to do that one of my routines that changed the mode of the house.

ok, I’m giving it a shot. We’ll see when my wife gets home. Thanks!

My routine has been failing over the last couple days as well… I’ll give the recreate a try.

had the same thing go on with my good morning routine this morning…set something for 6:30am and it didn’t fire. So I went back in, set the time to 5 minutes from my current time, saved it, and it did fire on the new correct time. So I’ve set it back to 6:30am and will see if it fires tomorrow.