Smartthings motion sensor

Do any of you guys have trouble with Smartthings motion sensors reporting motion when there is no possible way for it to occur? I have one that I do not use because it would turn lights on at 3:00am when no one was awake and no way the dog could set it off. I no longer use it.

Yep. Both model 1 and model 2 ones do it.
I have to keep them out of the SHM setup because of it. One is in the bedroom, one is in the bathroom. They’re garbage and I wouldn’t recommend anyone getting them.

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It’s only purpose now is to report temperature. If I used it for the alarm aspect it would trigger an alarm.

Honestly I have never had this issue with any of mine so far. I have one by the stairs and one in each bathroom. None of mine have ever triggered a false alarm even once. Sounds to me like there is more going on here. Maybe batteries or something else.

I’ve a motion sensor for 6 months now and had just 1 false alarm. I recently bought a second one rather than going with another brand because I was so impressed.

It’s only the SmartThings branded one.

Yup, I meant the stock SmartThings ones. Perhaps there are certain conditions that they don’t work well in, e.g. sunlight / draughts / car headlights etc that I don’t experience, but certainly in my home mine do work well.

Have two smartthings motion sensors since Nov 15 and never a problem . Just saying , maybe return as faulty !

I’ve had six of them since November/December as well. Never had a false alarm when SHM is armed. During the day/evening I have rules limiting when motion sets stuff off, so there may have been false alams but they never impacted me. I do have to reset a couple of them from time to time. Always the same ones too.

I guess my sensor is bad.

I’ve had similar issues with the SmartThings contact sensor. I used to use it on my safe, but it kept saying it was open, then closed, then opened. Tried it on a door, but the same thing happened.