[NEW APP] Evening Monitor

Hi All-

I’ve recently updated an app that I wrote a little while back, so I thought I would share it with anyone who might find it useful.

It is a simple app, that lets you set a specific time (for me in the evening) for SmartThings to perform a security check. You can choose from you open/close sensors and locks to check. It also lets you choose how you want to be notified depending on the result of the check. For example, you can have it do a simple push notification in the app if everything is closed, and locked, but have it push notify and send you a text if something isn’t closed or locked. I hope someone else might find this useful. I’m a bit newer to development on this platform, so feedback is always appreciated!


I’ve also created a similar app that provides the same style of security check and notifications based on presence. For example, you can have it set to use the presence of your phone, or multiple phones to check the open/close and lock/unlock status when it detects everyone is gone and alert you on the status.


7/20/2020 Update: Fixed an issue where people were having issues with installing the app.


Hey! Great work on this.
Here is my issue:

  1. I do not always get the notification (only sometimes, still monitoring)
  2. I do not get a notification signal (no chime or buzz - is that on me?)