Issue connecting to Logitech Harmony hub

I have been using Logitech harmony elite to control all my multimedia at home. I just purchased smartthings in order to control my TV through Amazon echo. However, when I try to follow the step to connect smartthings to Harmony hub I struck up at the following screen which says " Your Harmony Account is now connected to SmartThings! Click Done to Finish setup".

I dont see any DONE button anywhere and when I click on the upload button ( bottom right), it tries to send a… url which is not accessible.

Really appreciate if you can let me know what I am doing wrong. I am up to date on firmwares.

Appreciate if someone can give a pointer as to how to fix the problem. I bought smartthings mostly for the integration with Alexa and Harmony hub.

Do you have the US of the U.K. Version of the hub?

US version of the hub.

In that case it should definitely work. I would get in touch with and have them take a look at it.

Thank you. I just sent an email to support team.

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I have the same issue. UK ST, UK Harmony Hub. I go through the setup process and there is no done button. has anyone raised it with support yet? Thanks. Paul

I did raise it and Smarthings acknowledged the issue saying that they are working on the fix and notify us as soon as it is ready.

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Good to hear. Thanks for letting me know.

I’ve also logged a ticket with support. I’ll feedback when I hear something.

For me this was an issue with the user… replace the user and reboot!

A couple of weeks ago I’d replaced the access point to which the Harmony Hub was connected. The net result of that was the removal of the 2.4Ghz frequency in favour of 5Ghz. At this point I’d managed to kick the Harmony of the network.

Having sorted that out last night I tried it again. The Hub was found by ST and all worked fine! So, if you’re having this issue then I’d recommend making sure the Harmony has a green LED (as opposed to red). I’d also consider making sure the ST can see the Harmony Hub or that you have nothing that might stop network traffic.

Thanks go to Thomas in the UK ST team for his assistance (and patience).