Can't connect Harmony hub to SmartThings

I had to recently remove my Harmony hub smart app and re-add it. When I try and re-add the app, I get as far as logging into my Harmony account. I log in using my email, and I get the attached error.

i get this as well when I try to add my harmony hub to smartthings.

Yes Same here, is this fault an ST or harmony fault?
My assumption is that it is a ST issue, if I add ST to harmony it connects and I can control my ST devices.
If I authenticate Alexa with Harmony it works fine. Now that Harmony is not officially supported on ST, who do we contact for assistance?

Having the same problem here. Definitely seems like a ST problem. Has anyone tried Harmony in the new iOS app?

I’m getting the same thing. Submitted a ST ticket last night and they responded today (noon EST) with the below message:

“We are aware of the issue and are working on a resolution. At this time there is not a definite timeline. We will follow up with you the moment we have a resolution.”

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Have the same problem … here is the chat with Samsung…

Samsung resolved the issue over the weekend. You should contact them if you’re still having issues.