Issue Connecting SmartThings Hub v3 to Google Home app

I just bought a SmartThings Hub v3, and have successfully connected two Schlage Connect keypads. Now I would like to connect my SmartThings hub to Google Home and I am not having any luck.

When I go into the Google Home app and connect my SmartThings account nothing happens. My Schlage keypads do not show up, and when I go to look at what accounts I have linked SmartThings is not one of them.

When I go to the SmartThings app and look at Connected Services I can see that Google has been linked. However, when I click on Google I get a brief message that says something like “Network Error” or something. I cannot see the whole message as it pops up very briefly. The app then freezes and I have to kill it to use it again.

I am not sure if this is a Google Home issue or a SmartThings issue but I figured I would start here since SmartThings is the one giving me an error and Google Home is not.

Install the Classic app and open the Google app in Automation

I installed the classic app and the Google app was already installed. However, it seems like after installing the classic app I can now see my SmartThings account linked.

However, my Schlage Connect keypads are not showing up in Google Home, but that might be a separate issue so I will look into it some more.

Thank you jkp!

I see the same lack of show with my Yale lock, guessing its part of Google security concerns and not allowing voice unlock of door locks natively. Easily done by IFTTT though.