Linking Yale Assure SL lock through Samsung SmartThings to Google Home

My Yale lock is showing up fine in the SmartThings app, and I can lock & unlock just fine, but when I go to Google Home it’s not there at all. My other items (light switches mostly) from SmartThings are showing up in Google Home, and they work so everything is connected, it’s just that Google Home doesn’t recognize the Yale lock.
If I try to “Add Device” in Google Home, it appears that’s only how you add devices that talk directly to Google Home (not those that communicate through another box).
If I look at the SmartThings “linked service” in the “home control” section of “Assistant settings”, it shows me “SmartThings: 5 devices” which is the wrong number, I have 6 if you include the lock, and if I click on it my only options are “Reconnect account” and “Unlink account”.
How do I get Google Home to recognize this lock?

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I have the same exact problem.