ISO Edison bulbs & light fixtures w/direct or indirect ST integration

I replaced my basement can lights with smart ceiling lights from USTELLAR ( )and while they are connected via wifi, there is a integration with smartthings that allows them to show up as a device and be controlled via smartthings. I unfortunately found this out after I installed a wifi vintage Edison bulb ( ) at the top of the basement stairs and a wifi LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture, ( ) at the bottom of the stairs that do not integrate directly with smartthings.

I have alexa, which these do integrate with and I tried to leverage virtual switches between alexa and smartthings for these devices, however this setup is just to unreliable and often times is very delayed in responding.

I’d like to find like replacements that have a smartthings integration however I haven’t found anything and was hoping someone else may have found something.


At the time of this posting, The easiest option would be Philips hue “filament bulbs“ connected to a hue hub. These should all work with smartthings. You should also be able to find black Friday sales from multiple retailers on a number of these.

These work well, and come in multiple shapes, they’re just expensive.

It seems likely that by next summer, there will be more options that rely on matter for integration, but they aren’t here yet that I know of. Hopefully if somebody else knows of some, they will post. :thinking:

Here is another option, I have a number of these in use and zero complaints.

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The Sengled Edison smart bulbs do work, however I ended up removing them. Not because of integration issues, I just didn’t like the amber color they added to the glass that made everything a weird color. I ended up just buying plain dimmable Edison LED bulbs and using an Aeotec Nano Dimmer relay to control the fixture instead of the bulb.

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I avoided zigbee when I adopted ST and 98% of the devices in my house has been zwave. Guess I should give these a try and stop avoiding zigbee…

Thanks for the recommendation!